The Oneida Group’s principal operating subsidiaries, Oneida Ltd. and Anchor Hocking, LLC, were founded in 1848 and 1873, respectively.

The Oneida Community was a religious and social society founded in Oneida, New York, by John Humphrey Noyes and his followers.  The Oneida Community was founded on Noyes’ theology of Perfectionism, a form of Christianity with two basic values, self-perfection and communalism.  The Oneida Community canned fruits and vegetables and made traps, chain, travelling bags, straw hats, mop sticks and sewing silk.  Eventually, the Oneida Community members began making silver knives, forks and spoons as the Oneida Silversmiths.

Anchor Hocking, LLC’s predecessor companies began producing glass lamp chimneys in 1873.  In 1905, the Hocking Glass Company was formed and became a manufacturer of plain and decorated, pressed, blown and machine made hotel, bar and kitchen tableware and glass novelties.  Monomoy Capital Partners acquired Anchor Hocking in 2007 and Oneida in 2011 and integrated both companies in March of 2012. In January 2017, the company officially became The Oneida Group.